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This is a small writeup about to the board I designed for the 2014 soldering workshop of the RTU ETF Electronics Club.

This post is meant to be a reference for anyone who has this board or finds it in some RTU drawer and wonders what the heck it is.

The idea is for it to be a simple rotary encoder board with 16 LEDs, and a mode button.

Originally I intended it to have only a simple PWM output (the output pin is routed to an MCU timer output), so I didn’t route more proper 2.54mm pins, which limits the user to only single wire protocols for communication with the MCU.

You can find all the downloads for this project on the bottom of the page.


Additional open pads were added on the actual PCB for the following pins: P1.5, P2.2, P2.3 and P2.4

Schematic image

Bill of materials

Disclaimer: Most parts aren’t critical in any way and were chosen due to availability/price and can be replaced by equivalents.

The supply voltage shouldn’t go above 9V, since after somewhere around 10V, the power maximum of this specific LDO will be exceeded.

  • ICs
    • MSP430G2553 TSSOP-20 1 pc.
    • SN74HC595DW SOIC1-16 2 pcs.
    • XC6201P332PR SOT-89 3.3V 1 pc.
  • Resistors
    • SMD - 1206 - 130R 1% 16 pcs.
    • SMD - 1206 - 10k 1% 5 pcs.
  • Capacitors
    • SMD - 0805 - 10nF 20% 50V 5 pcs.
    • SMD - 1411 - 10uF 10% 20V Tantalum 2 pcs.
  • Rotary encoder
    • PEC11-4230F-S0024 1 pc.
  • LEDs
    • HSMG-A100-J02J1 16 pcs.

Gerber view

Gerber image

Bare board

Bare board top
Bare board bottom

Assembed board

Assembled board top
Assembled board bottom


And finally, since a video is worth a thousand words, let’s have one:

Downloads (DipTrace Schematic, PCB, Gerbers and CCS code)

Everything’s hosted at GitHub

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